> The general data on the car. Chery Amulet (since 2006 of release)
Chery Amulet since 2006
1. The car device
1.1. The general data on the car
1.2. Nameplate data
1.3. Car keys
1.4. Controls
1.5. Heating (air-conditioning) and salon ventilation
1.6. Doors
1.7. Seat belts and safety pillows
1.8. Seats
1.9. Adjustment of position of forward seats
1.10. A back seat
1.11. Use of children's seats
1.12. Adjustment of position of a steering wheel
1.13. Rear-view mirrors
1.14. Salon illumination
1.15. Protivosolnechnye peaks
1.16. A cowl
1.17. A control lever a transmission
1.18. The aerial
2. Recommendations about operation
3. Malfunctions in a way
4. Maintenance service
5. The engine
6. Transmission
7. A running gear
8. A steering
9. Brake system
10. An electric equipment
11. A body
12. Appendices
13. Electric equipment schemes


Chery Amulet (since 2006 of release)


The car of class C Chery Amulet represents a little modified variant SEAT Toledo of the first generation (the beginning of release since 1991). Model Chery Wincloud became the first car of this mark in 1999. Since then it was repeatedly updated and changed the name (other names - Quiyun, Flagcloud, Fulwind). Since autumn of 2005 modernised Flagcloud began to sell in Russia under name Amulet (Chery А15). Since March, 2006 assemblage of Cheri the Amulet in Kaliningrad has begun. The base complete set offers fabric salon, the wheel hydraulic booster, antifog headlights, the conditioner and audiopreparation.

For surcharge the central lock, cast disks on 14 inches, two pillows of safety, ABS, a radio tape recorder or CD-player with 6 динамиками are offered электростеклоподъёмники, the electric drive of mirrors with heating. Appearance of the car without obvious design misses also keeps lines of "primogenitor" Toledo, though and with much перелицованной a forward part. Quality of assemblage of a body and painting quite decent. Backlashes between кузовными panels equal and small. Doors are closed easily. Forward armchairs wide with the big range of longitudinal adjustment, are convenient enough for the driver growth to 180 see

The ergonomics quite good, all at hand, the lever of a mechanical 5-step transmission are switched easily and accurately enough, the truth to the fifth transfer it is necessary to last slightly. The wheel is regulated on height. Levers of adjustment of an inclination of backs are between forward seats, instead of from outside doors, as on the majority of a car. A minus - sticking out buttons стеклоподъемников which can be pressed casually an elbow.

Quality of internal furnish quite worthy for the car of the given price category. All plastic details are adjusted to each other. Back sitting are spacious enough for the car of a class With, the truth the third here will be superfluous; but knees of the remained two will not rest against backs of forward seats. The interior as a whole cosy and having, only light colour of a fabric upholstery of cars of the first parties is not quite practical. The body лифтбек (pseudo-sedan) is convenient for loading of dimensional things in a luggage aperture in capacity of 420 l.

The back of a back seat develops in parts, forming equal, without a step a surface; as a result in a luggage carrier it is possible to place a refrigerator of the average sizes. The model is completed unique 4-cylinder 8-klapannym with engine SQR-480 in volume of 1,6 l and capacity of 94 h.p., made under licence Mitsubishi. The priemistyj engine well delays bottoms and quickly grows. On the first transfer it is easy to start up in proslipping forward wheels on pure asphalt. Together with very "short" transmission it gives quite good dynamics. Dispersal to 100 km/h occupies 11,5 сек, thus the maximum speed reaches 172 km/h.

Spends to 11 l of gasoline АИ-92 in a city cycle and 8,5 l in the mixed. In operation such engine is reliable enough, durable and maintainable. In the Peoples Republic of China and a number of other countries the version with more powerful engine of 1,6 l DOHC of 116 h.p. the Russian Amulets is offered are aggregated 5-step mechanical КП. For surcharge since summer of 2006 variator ZF is offered. On level of smoothness of a course and efficiency of brakes (forward disk ventilated and back drum-type) the Amulet is comparable with VAZs of the "tenth" family.

Easy at the expense of the hydraulic booster the wheel is insufficiently informative on high speed. ABS on this front-wheel car works sharply and it is noisy, but predictedly and allows to keep course stability at maneuvering on a snow-covered and slippery covering. Good controllability, прогнозируемость trajectories and the minimum lists are substantially caused by the rigid suspension bracket which is racks MacPherson with cylindrical springs in front and торсионный the one-piece bridge behind. However in a complex with a quite good noise isolation comprehensible level of comfort is reached.

That fact that in the homeland Amulet is widely used as a taxi, speaks about sufficient reliability of this mark. Considering that company Cheri positions Amluet in a budgetary price segment of a car market, it is possible to notice that the consumer receives a lot of car in a quite good complete set for small money.





[The general data on the car. Chery Amulet (since 2006 of release)]